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Meet 9 of Miami’s Most Fierce Women, Whom Have It Goin’ Onnnn…..

Vicky is one of the most bad-ass chicks I met last year, while in Viareggio, Italy. Thanks to her sister-in-law Sari, we were fortunate enough to get to know one another, and we spent a few weeks together on the Mediterranean (on a XL canoe, of course). Spiritual in her demeanor, she is a bright, beautiful and bold woman. Did I mention gorgeous as well? Vicky, a mother of three, a wife and a psychology master, just created Yogart, an innovative line of yoga mats which consist in five different hand painted designs, each with a description. Not your average mat, each comes with a painting, linking yoga/ mindfulness, as well as the meaning of the word chosen with a blank space to write your personal objective. Vicki tells me “l am a psychologist and a true believer that we all have backgrounds stored on the unconscious which leads us to make decisions. My aim in this project is for people to state their own individual goal and work thoroughly towards it along with the yoga practice and the obstacles it may encounter. As well as having your energy thriving with a fun, cool, and funky design, they allow you to you’re your ‘word/intention’ in mind.” Hello individuality….at MsErinsita, we DIE for this!

The mat also provides a stretch band that serves to tie the mat as well as a tool for different asanas.

“This project is made with of lots of love and has been a “baby” which I have put my heart and soul into. I merged the three things that I love the most; yoga, art and psychology. I personally express my thoughts and feelings through painting than I do with words, so I decided to create this concept which hopefully inspires people grow and be the best version of themselves.”

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