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When we are multitasking our brain tries to function in an automatic mode. It’s like erratic driving without knowing where to go. Doing one thing at at time with undivided attention makes us more efficient in reaching our goals and keeping focused when needed. 

Focus to notice how the mind and body work in harmony and syncronize with each other.

FOCUS on your loved ones, FOCUS on your life project, FOCUS on a significant relationship, FOCUS on achieving your asana.

You chose this particular mat for a reason…

“There are no coincidences, only causalities” Sigmund Freud (1902)

It’s proven that what you see  or feel is often unconsciously registered and stored by your mind. By stepping on your mat being mindful and observant of your practice while reaching your goals, you are setting the foundation for your own individual results; with the intent of reaching a mental record for your behaviour as well as your asanas.

Only you know the reason for your choices, only you know your journey….

Cut the card below and write down a significant thing you want to focus on. Take it with you as a reminder. It may take time, don´t stop until you've accomplished it. 
Only when you've achieved your goals move on to the next challenge. 

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